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n. (alternative spelling of veranda English)


n. a porch along the outside of a building (sometimes partly enclosed) [syn: veranda, gallery]

Usage examples of "verandah".

Stonehampton, among the low wharves and wooden warehouses, which stood along the flat banks, jumbled up with streets and ferries, queer one-storied shops and verandahed dwelling-houses, closed in with yellow alamandas, passion fruit, and orange begonias.

I wish now that I had worn my broderie anglaise, and sat next to her on the couch, and never, never gone out onto the verandah this afternoon.

The beautiful Moreton Bay bignonia, with its clusters of pink blossom, and the passion--flower completely covered the roof and verandah, and was trained into arches, though here and there a long wreath escaped from its confinement, and waved to and fro in the evening breeze, which had now set in.

The day Hillela returned from the holiday a woman was sitting with Pauline under the dangling swags of orange bignonia creeper that made private one end of the verandah.

Then he took him by the arm and followed Burdock into the little room in the verandah.

Then, leaping upon the horse, whose bridle he was holding, he forced it to rear, caracole and display its spirit and its paces before Domini, sitting it superbly, and shooting many sly glances at Suzanne, who leaned over the parapet of the verandah watching, with a rapt expression on her face.

It was a coolish morning, but we preferred to breakfast in the south verandah.

He opened the front door for her, and they stood together for a moment on the dustless door-mat, mathematically laid upon verandah boards as white as new-peeled almonds.

Here they built themselves handsome freestone houses, with noble verandahs and balconies and Moorish-looking high-walled gardens, within which grew the banana and the orange, the loquat and the guava, in tropical luxuriance and profusion.

These visitors, with an air of studied nonchalance, walked up and down the verandah, delayed over their tea, and attempted to pump Huia as to the whereabouts of the celebrity.

Every evening, Maude lays out a cold supper for Katzenbogen and the girl on the dining room table, but every evening the girl comes down early to find a bunch of litchis or a banana, and then she takes them upstairs to eat on the verandah.

The woman in her turn, driven to ecstasies by the first man in her life who knew nothing about the planting of potatoes and pellamountain, danced for him on his verandah in the nude, wearing only the bracelets he gave her, and sang the wild zyganke.

CHAPTER V DREAMS ARE FOOLISHNESS When, at the approach of Frank Muller, John Niel left Bessie on the verandah, he had taken his gun, and, having whistled to the pointer dog Pontac, he mounted his shooting pony and started in quest of partridges.

And, as the number of Sadhaks practising the yoga increased, the evening sittings also became more full, and the small verandah upstairs in the main building was found insufficient.

Immediately without the two warriors stood upon the verandah awaiting their victim, and as Virginia passed through the doorway she was seized roughly from either side, a heavy hand was clapped over her mouth, and before she could make even an effort to rebel she had been dragged to the end of the verandah, down the notched log to the ground and a moment later found herself in a war prahu which was immediately pushed into the stream.