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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"springtime," late 14c., from Old French ver or directly from Latin ver "the spring, spring-time" (see vernal).


n. (abbreviation of version English)


Ver or VER may refer to:

  • Vestibulo emotional reflex
  • Voluntary Export Restraints, in international trade
  • VER, the IATA airport code for General Heriberto Jara International Airport
  • Volk's Electric Railway, Brighton, England
  • VerPublishing, of the German group VDM Publishing, reproduces Wikipedia content
  • Voluntary Emission Reduction (or Verified Emission Reduction), used for carbon credits
  • Ver (command), a shell command in DOS, Windows etc.
  • an abbreviation for " versine", a trigonometric function
  • ver (function prefix) (versus), a prefix for versed trigonometric functions in mathematics
  • an abbreviation for " version"
  • places in France:
    • Ver, Manche, in the Manche département
    • Ver-lès-Chartres, in the Eure-et-Loir département
    • Ver-sur-Launette, in the Oise département
    • Ver-sur-Mer, in the Calvados département
  • River Ver, in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
  • Ver, Belgium, a small village in the municipality of Houyet, Belgium
  • Roger Ver, a Bitcoin entrepreneur
  • Ver (music), songs in pre-marriage ceremonies in Goa
Ver (command)

In computing, ver is a command in various DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows command line interpreters ( shells) such as [[COMMAND.COM]], [[cmd.exe]] and 4DOS/ 4NT. It prints the name and version of the operating system or the command shell.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>ver Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10586]

Some versions of MS-DOS support an undocumented /r switch, which will show the revision as well as the version. The command is also available in the open source MS-DOS emulator DOSBox.

Microsoft Windows also includes a GUI variant of the command called winver, which shows the Service Pack installed (if any) as well as the version.

Windows also includes the [[setver]] command that is used to set the version number that the MS-DOS subsystem ( NTVDM) reports to a DOS program.

Ver (music)

Ver or Voviyo are songs sung during the pre-marriage ceremony known as Ros in Goa, India.

Usage examples of "ver".

Le patre retourna vers Adjutor qui le renvoya une troisieme fois a Blaru.

Enif, Alnath, and Merak to lead ver all the way around the imaginary ship, pointing out hundreds of tiny changes in the sky and explaining what they meant, stopping now and then to show ver off to their friends.

Leurs Altesses royales, dit le roi se levant, se tournant vers Mesdames et saluant.

Ver a ese viejo amigo del Abasto y clausurarme una semana entera en mi pieza, fue todo uno.

Feliz por ter falado com meu amigo e por saber que o veria logo, fui para o pomar.

Vers trois heures du matin on voulut bien encore le remplacer, et il monta a son cabinet ou, apres avoir retire habit et gilet, il atteignit une vieille valise en cuir, qui ne lui avait pas servi depuis quinze ans.

Rosa had actually brachiated, with her left arm holding onto long, ver- tical, reddish fibers that looked like vines dropping from the dark roof.

In die mijmering was het hem, of de drie anderen zeer ver van hem waren, als van hem gescheiden door den nevel van rook.

But briefly, the situation In the s tilde called Cicada Sector is this: The sector was first reached-but never more than partially explored tilde ver a hundred and fitty terran years ago.

Vai ver, mesmo na hora do sexo fica pensando no que fariam os personagens de seus livros nessas horas.

Er waren hekken naar kleine binnenpleinen, waar je families kon zien uitrusten, etend onder ver overhangende dakranden, beschermd tegen de regen maar wel lekker buiten in de avondlucht.

Barelegged, a red blanket fastened about his throat with a big brass safety pin, a thermometer in one hand and a medicine bottle in the other, he tottered, crazily and weakly between Loge and Barnstable, chanting a vers libre poem in a shrill, insane voice.

Het jachtveld is meestal ver van de woning gelegen en wordt dag aan dag, des zomers en des winters in de meest verschillende richtingen doorwoeld en doorzocht.

Quentin, ne vaudrait-il pas mieux marcher vers la porte, et forcer le passage?

Fiz um gesto negativo e sentei-me numa pedra, de onde podia ver Tatziu.