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Ventre is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Danny Ventre (born 1986), English footballer
  • Mariele Ventre (1939–1995), Italian musician and singer
  • Riccardo Ventre (born 1944), Italian politician

Usage examples of "ventre".

Clopin avec emportement, que je ne suis pas juif, et que je te ferai pendre, ventre de synagogue!

Tourne, pirouette, frappe-toi le ventre, lance ta jambe vers le ciel: devenez des toupies.

To her right she could make out the dry, low hills of the Gros Ventre Range.

The Duc de Ventre says he will carry that ghastly schlup to his mausoleum.

Historically, the country beyond the upper Missouri was Blackfoot, but the reservation at Fort Belknap was Assiniboine and Gros Ventre, traditional enemies up until the late nineteenth century, when federal policy had settled the two tribes together.

Cape Horn, ventre biche, they have a rain that will wet through any, even the stoutest cloak.

Frontenac, after visiting the scene of the catastrophe a few weeks after it occurred, writes: "Ils (_les Iroquois_) avoient brusle plus de trois lieues de pays, saccage toutes les maisons jusqu'aux portes de la ville, enleve plus de six vingt personnes, tant hommes, femmes, qu'enfants, apres avoir massacre plus de deux cents dont ils avoient casse la teste aux uns, brusle, rosty, et mange les autres, ouvert le ventre des femmes grosses pour en arracher les enfants, et fait des cruautez inouies et sans exemple.

This consists of a simple gros de laine, trimmed with ashes of roses, with overskirt of scare bleu ventre saint gris, cut bias on the off-side, with facings of petit polonaise and narrow insertions of pa^te de foie gras backstitched to the mise en sce`ne in the form of a jeu d'esprit.

Gli cammi­navano sulla faccia, gli si fermavano sulle labbra e sugli occhi, gli si raccoglievano all'inguine, a massaggiarlo, bevevano alle sue ascelle, gli facevano capriole sulla curva del ventre.

Dogs, considered a great delicacy by the Crees, Gros Ventres, Sioux, Assinaboines, and other surrounding tribes, were never eaten by the Blackfeet.

Bury me in the Gros Ventre hills, on my horse, with all my weapons, and my father's silver-studded rifle, that it may not fall into other hands.

Charbonneau (husband of Sacagwea), interpreter for the Gros Ventre nation, came to see us, and informed that he came down with several Indians from a hunting expedition up the river, to hear what we had told the Indians in council.

Bordered on the west by the towering Tetons and on the east by the Gros Ventre range, the valley is sealed in the north by Yellowstone Park.

Davanti era fissato un robusto cappio da infilare su una delle punte del collo di Saphira, mentre ampie strisce cucite su entrambi i lati avevano passare sotto il suo ventre per poi essere annodate.