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VEM may refer to:

  • Vem, a Brazilian ticketing system
  • VEM Holding, a manufacturer of traction motors
  • Forums VEM, from a reference in Mark Z. Danielewski
  • VEMS, a supplier of computer components
Vem (album)

Vem is a 1999 studio album by Grönwalls.

Usage examples of "vem".

Acho pouco o que lhe dei de terras, por tudo o que vem fazendo pela fazenda.

Ao me ver, Tatziu falou, com a voz embargada: - Liv, o Chico vem viver com a gente na comunidade!

Rufus is the oldest and Clem is the youngest and Vem, the one you killed, was the middle one.

Dane, I present to you my father, Sire Bande Kar, high chancellor of the home-unit of Kel and noble second son of King Vem from the province of Bastia.