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Velsky (masculine), Velskaya (feminine), or Velskoye (neuter) may refer to:

  • Velsky District, a district of Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
  • Velsky Uyezd, an administrative division in the Russian Empire and the early Russian SFSR; most recently (1796–1929) a part of Vologda Governorate
  • Velskoye Urban Settlement, a municipal formation which the town of Velsk and three rural localities in Velsky District of Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia are incorporated as
  • Velskaya (rural locality), a rural locality (a village) in Nyandomsky District of Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
  • Georgy Adelson-Velsky (b. 1922), Soviet mathematician and computer scientist
  • Serafima Velskaya (1846–1933), Russian operetta artist who influenced Anastasia Vyaltseva, Russian operetta singer