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n. (context logic English) The ∨ symbol used to represent the inclusive or logical connective.Sainsbury, Mark (2001). ''Logical Forms — An Introduction to Philosophical Logic''. Blackwell Publishing. p. 55.


Vel is a divine javelin ( spear) associated with Hindu war god Karthikeya. Spears used by ancient Tamils in warfare were also commonly referred to by this name.

Vel (film)

Vel (Spear) is a 2007 Tamil action dramedy film written and directed by Hari and produced by Mohan Natarajan. It stars Suriya and Asin and features Vadivelu, Kalabhavan Mani and Nassar in supporting roles. The film's score and soundtrack was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The film released on 8 November 2007, coinciding with Diwali. Upon release, the film was dubbed and released in Telugu as Deva and in Hindi as Main Faisla Karunga. The film was declared a super hit at the box office.

Vel (disambiguation)

Vel is the divine javelin/spear of the Hindu deity Murukan.

Vel may refer to the following:

  • Vel (symbol) is the name of the symbol "∨" used in logic meaning logical disjunction (i.e. "or").
  • Vel, Azerbaijan
  • Vel antigen, a group of red blood cell antigens implicated in transfusion reactions
  • Vela (constellation)
  • Vel (film), starring Surya Sivakumar and Asin Thottumkal
  • Vel River (disambiguation)
  • Jennifer Vel, Seychellois economist and politician
  • Vel Soap, a soap detergent brand
Vel (symbol)

Vel () (vel is "or" in Latin) or descending wedge is a symbol used to represent:

It was used by Russell and Whitehead in Principia Mathematica, where they called it the Logical Sum or Disjunctive Function. In Unicode the symbol is encoded and by \vee and \lor in TeX. The opposite symbol is called a wedge.

Usage examples of "vel".

Ritsem Caid, Redigal Coron, Sarem Vel and Aedis Harl have all massed substantial numbers of heavy triremes at their southernmost outposts.

Mentior, si non e contrario idolorum solemnia vel arcana de suggestu et apparatu deque sumptu fidem at auctoritatem sibi exstruunt.

I heard it when I was in the islands of the Tyrrhene Sea, et nescivi utrum in meam vel extra locuta sunt verba, et ibo tecum in regionem tuam baptizare, docere, evangelizare.

April 22nd, nocte hora 9 terribilis et falsa accusatio vel suspicio, quod Puccia annunciavit contra D.

DAW: The disease in Greek is called mania, in Latin insania, furor, vel ecstasis melancholica, that is, egressio, when a man ex melancholico evadit fanaticus.

Greece, was properly Tor-chun, turris sacra vel regia, like Tarchon in Hetruria.

Tireci and sore, Maggie stood in the doorway and mar veled at the two children seated on the living room floor.

Sed sicut dicitur de zizaniis: Ne forte eradicantes zizania simul eradicetis et triticum, ita etiam super iis dici potest, in quibus vel dubia vel occulta peccata sunt.

Celeriter adulescentibus et oratione magistratus et praemio deductis, cum se vel priucipes eius consili fore profiterentur, ratio perficiendi quaerebatur, quod civitatem temere ad suscipiendum bellum adduci posse non confidebant.

Vel Quen explained to Gordon in detail the amazing scientific method of contacting and exchanging minds across time.

Sir Isaac Newton says: Hypotheses non fingo, quicquid enim ex phaenomenis non deducitur hypothesis vocanda est, et hypothesis vel metaphysicae, vel physicae, vel qualitatum occultarum, seu mechanicae, in philosophia locum non habent.

Ubicunque vel in Psalmis vel in prophaetarum libris de Messia agitur semper nobis proponitur imago potentissimi regis, felicissimi herois, gloriossissimi reipublicae statoris, coloribus ab imperii Davidici aut Salomonei flore, regumque orientalium pompa sumptis depicta.

Herculem colamus, scire velim: plures enim nobis tradunt ii, qui interiores scrutantur et reconditas literas.

Vel, I ses, if that aint a sheeny nachez, Vel, I vil get misha mishinnah.

I had often marALL THINGS WISE AND WONDERFUL57 velled at it, but it made the present disaster all the more unbearable.