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n. (plural of vehicle English)

Vehicles (album)

Vehicles is the sixth album by folk guitarist Sandy Bull, released in 1992 through Timeless Recording Society.

Usage examples of "vehicles".

No bodies, no sign of foul play, no abandoned vehicles, no credit-card receipts, no phone tips, no witnesses, no sightings, and not the first idea of even where to look for them.

He had crossed two fire lanes and two gravel roads so far, but he had seen no evidence that there had been any persons or vehicles on any of them in some time.

Waffle Houses were open twenty-four hours a day, so there were always vehicles in the lot.

An NRT has chemists, forensic experts like you, arson and bomb dogs, post blast and fire-origin experts, intel people, special vehicles and mobile labs, all that good shit.

The NRT people found evidence of vehicles being parked near the rail line entrance to the arsenal, and that the gates at the rail line were not in fact locked, which they should have been.

There were islands of trees between the lanes for parking, and about thirty vehicles scattered around the lot, which sloped gently down toward the main hospital building.

Lights came on in the parking lot as she got to the car and two Bureau vehicles slid into place on either side with a soft screech of tires.

The side ramp was a two-way ramp, and a sign said to give way to vehicles coming down.

The left windows of his van were right up against the outside wall, so incoming vehicles could park only on his right side.

He saw no more vehicles coming up into his parking level, so he went over to the exit stairs and climbed up to the roof.

He swung around to scan the fence and the gates behind him, but there was still no one there, and no sound of any vehicles coming.

She told him that there would be four more vehicles with FBI agents coming behind her.

They had erected an ellipsoid force field for the protection of the entire group, for the all-purpose vehicles, the cross-country jeeps containing radar and radio installations, the mobile kitchen, the trailer with airtight living quarters, and the small carriage on caterpillar tracks on which their laser beam sender had been mounted.

Once in a while a stone was flung out from beneath the turbo-drive vehicles as if by a tiny tornado, propelling it high up the stony slopes.

The ground was now covered with small, flat stones over which the vehicles proceeded noisily.