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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And that is not just for horticultural produce like fruit and veg, which are already the subject of strict production standards.
▪ Down with Roast beef and two veg!
▪ Fresh veg come already cleaned and cheese already grated - and you can go shopping on Sunday straight from Church.
▪ Fresh meat, fruit and veg.
▪ I was down the market every day with my shopper, dear, for veg.
▪ The heap of lumber on my neighbour's veg patch grew to monstrous proportions.
▪ This was well before it became a tourist attraction, when it was still a fruit and veg market.
▪ Two veg and Oxo gravy is not my style.
▪ We were just vegging out in front of the TV.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

since 1898 as an abbreviation of vegetarian; 1918 of vegetable. As a verb, colloquially short for vegetate, by 1985 (usually with out).


Etymology 1

  1. vegetarian n. (context colloquial English) vegetable. v

  2. (context colloquial English) to vegetate; to engage in complete inactivity; to rest Etymology 2

    n. (context psychology English) A unit of subjective weight, equivalent to the perceived weight of lifting 100 grams.

Usage examples of "veg".

She pointed out that there are any number of words for penis that can be used pretty much with ease on the Beeb knob, willy, percy, portion, member, todger, tackle, dangler, sausage, John Thomas, Dick Dastardly, meat and two veg and Uncle Tom Cobblers and all.

Supreme Officer of the Blood Guard, and Ala Veg and the roundhead Luas, neither of whom is in the least to blame.

What could possibly link Gabriel King die demolition man, Michi Urashima the brainfeed buccaneer, Magnus Teidemann the econut, and Paul Kwiatek die software engineer turned VE veg?

What could possibly link Gabriel King the demolition man, Michi Urashima the brainfeed buccaneer, Magnus Teidemann the econut, and Paul Kwiatek the software engineer turned VE veg?

It was not cold, but Veg saw Aquilon shiver as he tightened the pack, picked up the rifle, and took his bearing from the compass.

Veg, had not been frightened for himself, and neither was Aquilon, but both were frightened by something.

Veg had not complained, but Cal looked bad and Aquilon hurt all over from the chafing weight of the pack.

Veg, indefatigable, carried his companion without seeming to lessen the pace at all, and Aquilon, packless as she was, strained to keep up.

Veg consumed his fungus entree and Aquilon imitated him, more to keep up appearances than from present appetite.

The man had a concept that was not easy to accept or discuss, particularly for him, and the odds were good that it had direct bearing on what Veg and Aquilon had not felt free to tell him.

Subble said, "but I suspect that you and Veg and Aquilon represent the damnedest trio I have encountered.

Every facet contributes exponentially to the overall-" Subble saw that Veg wasn't following, so shifted his ground.

I don't want plates of meat and two veg carried from the kitchen by waiters who don't know a herring from a hot-cross bun.

As Veg staggered out, dripping, and Aquilon assisted him, it unkinked its neck and reached down to peck exploratively at the forgotten quarterstaff.

No doubt Hex had similarly isolated himself from Veg in the forest at feeding time.