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VEEN is a Finnish brand of bottled water that is bottled in Konisaajo, Lapland, Finland. VEEN was established in December 2006. The brand name comes from Veen Emonen (Mother of the Water) that is introduced in the Finnish national epic Kalevala.

VEEN is produced and marketed by VEEN Waters Finland Oy Ltd, a private company headquartered in Ylitornio, Finland. The company's key people are Managing Director Tomi Grönfors, Marketing and Sales Director Mikko Nikkilä and Operations Director Ville Hvitfelt. VEEN is marketed globally for horeca use.

VEEN is available in 0.33L and 0.66L/0.69L glass bottles in still and carbonated editions. VEEN has won many awards for its taste and design

In June 2009, it was announced that VEEN was chosen to be the house water of Harrods department store.