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1869, to denote the shape of the letter V. As a type of engine, by 1915.


n. 1 (Latn-def en name V v) 2 Something with the shape of the letter V. Found in compounds such as ''vee-necked.'' 3 (context cricket English) The arc of the field, forward of the batsman, from cover to midwicket, in which drives are played


VEE or Vee may refer to:

  • "Vee", common English pronunciation of V, the twenty-second letter in the Latin alphabet
  • VEE, Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus, a mosquito-borne viral horse pathogen
  • V, one of the abbreviations used for power connections in integrated electronics
  • Validation, Editing, and Estimation, part of the Meter Data Management process used by electrical companies.
  • Vee belt, power transmission belt of trapezoidal section
  • VEE Corporation, a family entertainment production company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Vee junction, a type of railway junction
  • Agilent VEE, a visual programming and dataflow programming language and development environment
Vee (surname)

Vee is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bobby Vee (born 1943), American pop singer
  • Cristina Vee, American voice actress
  • Jimmy Vee, British actor and stunt performer
  • Krystal Vee (born 1987), Thai model and actress
  • Tesco Vee (born 1955), American singer and musician
  • Vivien Vee (born 1960), stage name of Viviana Andreattini, Italian singer

Usage examples of "vee".

Perceiving that his thoughts were beginning to veer wildly, Crockett gulped the last of his meal and followed Brockle Buhn to the anthracite tunnel.

They had done this before the sad day off the Crozets, and the sum was still much the same, amounting to the kedge alone and just enough cablets and hawsers to veer out a reasonable scope.

But if she comes to depend on him, what will happen to Vee if Drust establishes and has to leave?

A flying wolf pack that rallied by twos and formed in flights of three, three flights in echelon, three squadrons in a staggered vee.

They were drawn up neatly in spaced-out triangular batteries, three vees of three guns each, with the gunners grouped about them and the long fit barrels covering the approaching mass of fleeing vehicles.

On the brink of attrition, Vee uttered a choked cry, convulsed by the worst breakout contractions Rimon had ever seen.

Thick cotton shirring created a vee along the front of the green frock.

Dark vees of water trailed downstream from each trunk, and as she watched, the branches shifted and trembled with the force of the water.

Crown Vee animals were branded, eighteen hundred and ten cows and heifers ready to breed, one hundred and forty-two good bulls eager to breed them, and eight hundred and twenty-six steers, a herd of twenty-seven hundred and seventy-eight, all marked on the left hip, plus one hundred and thirty-two remuda horses and six mules branded lightly on the left shoulder by Nacho and the wrangler.

A decorative, gauzy material demurely filled in the decolletage of the fitted bodice that dipped to a deep vee in front.

A sleek and glittery black number that plunged to a deep, wide vee in the back and had a skirt so tight that she had to walk like one of those poor Chinese women when feet binding had been in fashion.

Rae suggested, wondering what value Vee had affixed to the hypostyle figures holding up the antique mantel, and whether the woman had any idea how ancient the pieces were.

The ship was outfitted with two eighty-eight-and-half foot in diameter Ship Shell and two forty-one foot in diameter Ship Bowl stabilized communications and tracking dish antennae, as well as two Vee Tube HF communications systems and four Quad Ring yagi arrays.

Two other hard-boiled detectives created by Daly, Vee Brown and Satan Hall, followed in the same formula.

But if you should drop on Nowlett in the far an' distant west -- An' if Jimmy uses doubleyou instead of ar an' vee, An' if he drops his aitches, then you're sure to know it's he.