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VED or Ved may refer to:

  • Vehicle Excise Duty, paid to acquire a vehicle licence in UK
  • Vedas, a Hindu religious text
  • Vacuum Erection Device, a treatment for erectile dysfunction
  • Visual Enunciation Display, a Telecommunications device for the deaf
  • Ved, a character from The Tribe
  • Ved (mythology)
Ved (mythology)

A ved is a mythological being recorded in the region of Bilogora in northern Croatia, predominantly among the region's speakers of the Kajkavian dialect. The vedi (plural) were described as male human-like creatures as high as a peasant house, completely covered with hair. They were very strong, able to uproot trees and carry heavy loads, while their chest was so large that they could make storms by blowing. When they spoke or sang, it was heard far away. They lived deep in the forests of Bilogora, where they built their towns, and were divided into tribes.

There were good and bad vedi. The latter did not associate with people and stayed in their forests, because of which they were also called the forest vedi. They normally did no harm to people, but if a bad ved encountered a young man in a forest, he would take him to his town and keep him as a slave for some time. The man would be often maltreated by his master, and eventually set free emaciated.

The good vedi visited people and helped them in their every-day work or troubles. Each household had its own ved who was very devoted to it, often to the extent that he did harm to other households and their vedi. If people expected a flood, storm, or other calamity, they would pray, "Grant, Oh God, that our vedi help us!" or "Dear God, grant that our vedi help us, and that their vedi do no harm to us!" Stories have it that after such prayers the vedi would quickly come to rescue.

Last accounts of vedi visiting people date from the mid 19th century. In the end only certain individuals were allegedly able to see them.

Usage examples of "ved".

DARK HARBOR Building House and Home On An Enchanted Island CONTINENTS OF EXILE by VED MEHTA BOOK JACKET INFORMATION When VED Mehta was first invited to Islesboro, a narrow, thirteen-mile-long island off the coast of Maine, he could not have imagined the far-reaching consequences of his visit.

Kingdom A Ved Mehta Reader Continents of Exile Daddyji Mamaji Vedi The Ledge Between the Streams Sound-Shadows of the New World The Stolen Light Up at Oxford Remembering Mr.

He wrote: My Dearest Ved, I feel that I would not be doing my duty as a father unless I express myself unreserVedly.

Then in the evening she sent me this letter: March 31, 1983 Ved, I just meant to say that I got home safely and thank you, and good night.

How she 10, ved him, for he was the son God had denied her and Willis.

I suspect Mom could tell me, but trying to pry information out of her about her Hunters is about as easy as taking a ved haunch from a hungry silvercoat.

Gli habitué della zona non furono affatto sorpresi di veder bazzicare da quelle parti una ragazza ricca, perché era abbastanza normale che tipi del genere abbandonassero le loro belle case per andare ad assaggiare la vita dei bassifondi, ovvero per farsi assaggiare.

O come quella mattina, guardandosi allo specchio, aveva concluso che il suo lungo muso anemico, che sempre aveva sperato di veder maturare in un'espressione di eroica malinconia, era sempli­cemente mogio.