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For my acquaintance with Voke Easeley and his new art, I am indebted to Fothergil Finch.

For it was not words, it was nothing so articulate as speech, that Voke Easeley uttered.

What Gertrude Stein has done for prose, what the wilder vers libre bards are doing for poetry, what cubists and futurists are doing for painting and sculpture, that Voke Easeley is doing for vocal music.

Easeley could break Voke of it was to bring their little girl along the one that has convulsions so easily, you know.

Easeley would turn her over to Voke, and Voke would have to take the little girl home, and Mrs.

Easeley would stay and say what a family man and what a devoted husband Voke was, for an artist.

Some of my family, for aught I know, might ride in their coaches, when the grandfathers of some voke walked a-voot.

Rafe supported his weight as he rested against her, nuzzling the sensitive hollow at the edge of her neck, then he trailed his lips to her breast to tease and pro voke the burgeoning peak.