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VDC is a three-letter abbreviation with multiple meanings:

In technology:

  • Virtual design and construction, modeling software and techniques to design and evaluate possible construction processes
  • Volts of direct current
  • Video display controller, a computer graphics chip
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control, a means of increasing vehicle stability through a combination of throttle restriction and braking
  • Velocity drift chamber, a type of particle detector used to test a gas
  • Virtual data center, a data center that operates using virtualization technology
  • Virtual DataCine, a digital image processing technique for converting motion picture film to video
  • Violations Documentation Center, a Syrian organisation documenting deaths, detentions, missing persons and kidnappings due to the Syrian civil war, also known as the Center for Documentation of Violations in Syria


  • Volunteer Defence Corps (Australia)
  • Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers)


  • Valve Developer Community, the official wiki for developers of games and mods based on the computer game Half-Life 2
  • Virtual Digital Cable, a media and technology company delivering television to desktop computers and mobile devices
  • Vietnam Day Committee, an anti-war group formed at Berkeley, California in 1965 by activist Jerry Rubin
  • Village development committee, a government administrative entity in Nepal
  • Vitória da Conquista Airport, an airport in Vitória da Conquista, Brazil (IATA airport code VDC)
  • Vinylidene chloride, an organochloride