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VD may stand for:

  • Valentine's Day
  • Van der (v.d.), a prefix in Dutch language surnames
  • Veterans Day
  • Vaginal delivery, a natural birth
  • Venereal disease, now more commonly known as sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted infection
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Vapour density
  • Vaud, a canton in Switzerland
  • V, design diving speed for an aircraft, see V speeds for further information
  • Ivan Vdović (1960–1992), Serbian drummer
  • Veni Domine, a Swedish metal band
  • Vicious Delite, a metal band featuring Ratt's Stephen Pearcy
  • Victory Day
  • Virtual directory
  • Virtual desktop
  • Visual Design
  • Volume of distribution (V)
  • Volunteer Officers' Decoration, a Crown honour or long-service award made to auxiliary army officers of the British Empire between 1894 and 1931
  • Vulgo dicto, Latin (abl. case) for "according to the vulgar expression" or saying of the masses