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VCM may refer to:

  • Variable Cylinder Management, Honda's term for a variable-displacement technology
  • Variance–covariance matrix, another designation for the covariance matrix
  • Vermont City Marathon, a marathon in Burlington, Vermont
  • Vienna City Marathon, a marathon in Vienna, Austria
  • Victoria Cross medal, a Commonwealth military award
  • Vietnamese Council of Ministers, the government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  • Virtual Channel Memory, a memory architecture which was originally developed by NEC
  • Video Compression Manager, an older multimedia framework for Microsoft Windows
  • Voice coil motor, actuators used in disk drives or loud speakers
  • Vignette Content Management, part of Vignette's V7 suite
  • Vinyl chloride monomer, a compound used to produce polyvinyl chloride
  • Vecima networks, a maker of telecommunications equipment
  • Victoria Conservatory of Music, a Canadian music school
  • Virtual Collection of Masterpieces, a search platform to a collection of Asian masterpieces