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n. (alternative form of vav English)


VAW may refer to:

  • Violence against women
  • Vardø Airport, Svartnes, airport IATA code
  • VAW-### is the United States Navy designation for a Fixed Wing Airborne Early Warning Squadron

Usage examples of "vaw".

Sub-chief Captain Vawn took but one look at the flashy, overdecorated saddle and horse-gear that Hahkmukos had left behind and offered me the price of a decent horse for it, and I took him up on it.

It is hard to recall after so long, but I believe Thoheeks Sami of Vawn, grandfather of the recently deceased Thoheeks Vawn, had a copy made to add to his large collection of books and writings.

That fear and hatred engendered by the brutal butchery, the victims of which lay stiffening in this field, as well as by the ravagings and savageries which must surely come ere the witchmen's poison be rooted out of Morguhn and Vawn.