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n. The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, (term ו Hebrew).


Vav or VAV may refer to:

  • Vav (city and Taluka), Gujarat, India
  • Vav (letter), a Semitic letter
  • Vav (protein)
  • Vav (Vidhan Sabha constituency), Gujarat, India
  • Variable air volume, used in HVAC systems
  • Varli language
  • Vis-à-vis (disambiguation)
  • Stepwell, called vav in Gujarati and Marwari
Vav (protein)

Vav is a family of proteins involved in cell signalling. They act as guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) for small G proteins of the Rho family. GEF activity is mediated via module of tandem DH- PH domains. Vav proteins also appear to exhibit GEF-independent functions.

There are three members of this family:

  • Vav1
  • Vav2
  • Vav3
Vav (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

Vav assembly constituency is one of the 182 assembly constituency of Gujarat. It is located in Banaskantha District.

Usage examples of "vav".

Vav, in the middle of the three Yods, denotes Hakemah, 763-m Vav is both male and female, 763-m.

Yod, He, of the anterior or male, and Vav He, of the posterior or female, 750-u.

Beit, Gimel, Dalet, Hei, Vav, Zayin, Chet, Tet, Yud, Kaf, Lamed, Mem, Nun, Samech, Ayin, Pei, Tzadik, Kuf, Reish, Shin, and Tav.