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n. (alternative spelling of vav English)


VAU or Vau can mean:

  • V Australia, an Australian airline company, part of the Virgin conglomerate
  • Vau, Óbidos, a village in Óbidos, Portugal municipality
  • waw (letter), a letter in several Semitic alphabets
  • digamma, an obsolete letter in the Greek alphabet
  • Vau, Algarve, a village in Algarve, Portugal

Usage examples of "vau".

He had no wish to see Vaux dead, and buckhurst was flighty enough to kill him for the fun of it.

Aille turned to the supervisor, Nath krinnu Tashnat vau Nimmat, who was pacing with more than a hint of discomposure in her manner.

Supervisor Nath krinnu Tashnat vau Nimmat tracked Director Vamre to a dark alcove in his association hall.

As the Omrah took his final leave of King Richard for the evening, De Vaux entered.

Soldier had felt this history before now, of course, had known he carried a great hate in his soul, a great enmity, which had come out at times with terrible unstoppable ferocity, such as when he killed Wos kinsman, the dog-head Vau.

Scarcely wasting a glance upon the great glass-panelled roof, the shops, the paste-jewelled carts and bedizened vendors, the tame songbirds and costumed monkeys, or even the jugglers and acrobats performing about the fountain in the vast atrium, she hurried after her cousin, who in turn chased Bayelle vo Clari vaux.

At the tiny hamlet of Vaux, near Creil, Marie-Victoire Monnet, the eldest of a family of fifteen children, hid in a hayloft with three of her sisters.

English army, were generally of opinion that De Vaux attended on the King like comrade upon comrade, in the honest and disinterested frankness of military friendship contracted between the partakers of daily dangers.

Plenitude of Yod, the name of the letter spelled is Yod, Vau, Daleth, 792-l.

Nor had any one from the Vaux or McLeod ranches, for while they did not understand the situation, it was obvious that something was wrong, and they had remained away as did Las Palomas.

Harmony consisting of the six parts of Seir Aupin represented by Vau, 799-l.

Tephareth represented by Vau, Beauty, the column which supports the world, 799-l.

Vau represents the Beauty or Harmony, consisting of the six parts which constitute Seir Anpin.

He again endeavoured to get out of bed, and De Vaux was obliged to exercise his own great strength, and also to summon the assistance of the chamberlains from the inner tent, to restrain him.

There was no one with him, De Vaux having been sent to Ascalon to bring up reinforcements and supplies of military munition, and most of his other attendants being occupied in different departments, all preparing for the re-opening of hostilities, and for a grand preparatory review of the army of the Crusaders, which was to take place the next day.