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n. The national currency of Vanuatu.

Usage examples of "vatu".

Then the gods are silent and thoughtful, for they know that one day Rada Vatu will sweep them all away with a wave of his hand.

In the end the gods are as men, and Rada Vatu erases them like old figures traced in the sand.

Nor would he allow anyone who entered there to speak of persons who had died - the new chief priest acted as if he had never had a predecessor - for the palace, he said, was a labyrinth designed to confuse Rada Vatu, and time and death were banished from it.

But he, in the prime of his manhood, was to remain ageless for ever, so that Rada Vatu would come and wager with him.

He wore only a plain white robe and was barefoot, for he knew that Rada Vatu was never impressed with finery.

Slowly, then, Rada Vatu began to touch him, and he started to age, as all men do, but it did not matter.

Rada Vatu is death and that he comes to each of us at the ending of our days, but not before.

Rada Vatu shall come to me on my own terms, like an envoy I have deigned to receive.

There was nothing in the way with the exception of Vatu Leile, a miserable little island that persisted in poking up through the sea some twenty miles to the west-southwest-- just where I wanted to go.

The man at the wheel must be told what direction to steer in order to miss Vatu Leile.

The immediate place she was bound to was a place on the chart ten miles north of Vatu Leile.

There was another sly little devil lying in wait to trip me up and land me smashing on the reefs of Vatu Leile.

The pleniary of the Portland unit, Hinn krinnu Vatu vau Waf, a seasoned veteran of the conquest, climbed out and sat on the edge of the hatch.