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n. (plural of vat English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: vat)


Vats or Vatne is a village in Vindafjord municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The village is located in the traditional district of Haugalandet between the southern end of the lake Vatsvatnet and the northern end of the Vatsfjorden. It sits about southwest of the village of Sandeid and about southeast of the village of Skjold. Vats Church is located in this village.

The village was the administrative center of the old municipality of Vats from 1891 until the municipality's dissolution in 1965.

The village area is an important industrial location. The oil platforms Statfjord, Gullfaks and Troll were all built here. The Norwegian computer and software company Hatteland Group responsible for the AutoStore system is also headquartered in the village.

Vats (disambiguation)

Vats or VATS may refer to:

Vats (clan)

Vats is a gotra of Brahmins & Kshatriyas found in India. Mainly found in northern states of IndiaThe Puranas mentions that, before merging into the Magadha kingdom, the last king of the Vats was named Udyan. This probably means that they merged during the rule of Ajatashatru from c. 492 BC – c. 460.

Vats (municipality)

Vats is a former municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. Located in the traditional district of Haugaland, the municipality existed from 1891 until 1965. The municipality encompassed the land to the east and west surrounding the Vatsfjorden and the lake Vatsvatnet. Vats is typically divided into two parts Øvre Vats (around the lake in the north) and Nedre Vats (around the fjord in the south).

Usage examples of "vats".

In the case of long rectangular vats it is customary for two men, one on each side of the vat, to turn the yarns, each man taking charge of the yarn which is nearest to him.

Chemical vats in which the reducing effect is brought about by the reaction of various agents on one another.

The fermentation vats, when in good order, work well and give good results, but they are most difficult to prepare or set.

While depending solely on chemical action for its preparation and use, it is freer from those peculiar defects to which organic vats, like the woad vats, are liable.

It does not, however, give such bright shades as either of the vats previously described, but it dyes a little quicker, and deeper shades can be produced.

It is like the potash vat, easier to manage than the woad vat, as with all the woad vats it is necessary after working them for a day to replenish them with a little indigo, soda, or potash, as the case may be, and a little bran.

Of course, after considerable use this, like all other indigo vats, becomes too highly charged with sediment, etc.

In the resurrection room other Servants wandered about, performing pre-programmed tasks, checking dials and monitoring vats, meticulously jotting down information.

The vats bubbled and the slow-pump hummed, but everything else was quiet.

Seventy other vats functioned in the large room, creating Servant after Servant.

For a terrified moment he was disoriented and did not notice the three others standing in the maze of vats and tables.

The simmering noises of the vats swallowed up the rustle of her clothes.

As Rodney and Nathans passed a row of recently emptied vats, the tech noticed that Van Ryman had remained behind to stare through the glass walls at Danal in the resurrection solution.

Danal had emerged, running through grates in the floor to holding vats even farther beneath the ground.

She moved as if partially in a trance, floating between the vats, but with a presence about her that made her seem to emanate from the walls, the floor, the lights, everywhere The Net could see.