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Väte is a settlement on the Swedish island of Gotland. Formerly a socken, on 1January 2016, it was reconstituted into the administrative area Väte District.

The Norrbys museum farm in Väte is the only Cultural Reserve on Gotland. It is run and maintained by Gotland Museum. The farm is kept in the same way as it was in the 1930s.

Usage examples of "vate".

They had made no mention of their to family or friends, preferring to keep it vate and personal.

Mospheira, seco point to consider: Tabini had asked him not to tell anyo about the gun, he had always respected certain few vate exchanges between himself and the aiji, and he h extended that discretion to keeping it out of his offic reports.

Even closed, he heard the noise of the bar, voices, laughter and jukebox music infiltrating his vate haven.

A month later Vates called to say that Keiter had been fined a hundred dollars.

Grandmother Wheeler smiled her little, aggravating, curved, pink smile.

Thou- sands of years ago humans began to gather seeds from wild Cannabis and grow them in fields alongside the first culti- vated food crops.