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Varyag or Variag may refer to:

  • Varangians, ancestors of the Rus' sometimes called "Vikings" in English publications
  • Variags of Khand, a people of J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium
  • Varyag (ship), various ships by this name
  • MP-445 Varyag, a Russian semi-automatic pistol
Varyag (ship)

At least five ships in the Imperial Russian, Soviet or Russian Navies have been named Varyag after the Varangian people, the Viking ancestors of the Rus.

  • - A steam corvette scrapped in 1886.

  • - A protected cruiser launched in 1899, commissioned into the Imperial Russian Navy in 1901, scuttled in 1904, repaired by the Japanese and relaunched as , returned to the Russians in 1916, seized by the British during overhaul in 1917, sold to Germany and run aground in 1920, and sank in 1925. She is most noted for her heroic attack during the Battle of Chemulpo Bay.

  • - A missile cruiser completed in 1965, and decommissioned in 1990.

  • - An heavy aircraft carrying cruiser launched by the Soviet Navy in 1988, transferred incomplete to Ukraine in 1992, and sold to China in 1998, where she was finished and commissioned as in 2012.

  • - A missile cruiser launched in 1983 as Chervona Ukrayina, completed in 1989, renamed Varyag and operating in the Pacific since 1990. Flagship of the Pacific Fleet