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She had heard that Varth was an accountant who worked out of his home, and he apparently conducted much of his business by mail.

For his part, Varth seemed genuinely relieved that somebody knew his secret.

His two subordinate commanders, Major Inyri Forge and Major Alinn Varth, acknowledged his command, and not for the first time did the incongruity of having female voices linked to those flight designators strike him.

Major Alinn Varth came from a military family and had been flying most of her life.

Gavin nodded to Major Varth, and she keyed up a holograph of one of the coralskippers.

Major Varth hit some keys on her datapad, and the static holograph shifted to an animation.

Three flight had fared better, with Major Varth, Jaina, and her wing mate, Anni Capstan, still alive, but the squadron as a whole had been cut in half.