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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
junior varsity
▪ We had cheerleaders for varsity football and boys basketball and even junior varsity cheerleaders for both teams.
▪ The student was beaten outside the cafeteria while using the phone after a junior varsity football practice.
▪ At the time, Iacenda was 14 years old and in the ninth grade, playing on the junior varsity team.
▪ Mary's he played junior varsity lacrosse.
▪ At the time, Iacenda was 14 years old and in the ninth grade, playing on the junior varsity team.
▪ Eddie also presented Margarett with an oar pin: he rowed seven on the Harvard varsity crew.
▪ In our sophomore year, for example, Fanshawe was the only member of our class to make the varsity baseball team.
▪ She finds her answer on the bulletin board where the job as varsity basketball coach is posted.
▪ The student was beaten outside the cafeteria while using the phone after a junior varsity football practice.
▪ Thompson had six football cheerleaders this year and three varsity basketball cheerleaders.
▪ We had cheerleaders for varsity football and boys basketball and even junior varsity cheerleaders for both teams.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Varsity \Var"si*ty\, n.

  1. Colloquial contraction of University. [Brit.]

  2. the team with the best players of a school or club, being the main representative of the organization in competitive play between schools or organizations. In schools, contrasted with junior varsity. Also used attributively, as, the varsity football team.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1825, "university," variant of earlier versity (1670s), shortened form of university. Compare varsal (1690s), short for universal; varmint from vermin; and Grose's "Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue" (1788) has vardy as slang for verdict. "Used in English universities, and affected to some extent in American colleges" [Century Dictionary].


n. university

  1. n. a British abbreviation of `university'; usually refers to Oxford University or Cambridge University

  2. a team representing a college or university [syn: first team]

Varsity (Cape Town)

Varsity is the official student newspaper of the University of Cape Town (UCT). In 1942, the first edition of Varsity went to print.

Varsity (Cambridge)

Varsity is the oldest of Cambridge University's main student newspapers. It has been published continuously since 1947, and is one of only three fully independent student newspapers in the UK. It is published every Friday during the University of Cambridge's term time, moving back to being a weekly publication in Michaelmas 2015 after three years as a fortnightly publication since Michaelmas 2012.

In November 2009, the paper won six prizes at the Guardian Student Media Awards, was nominated for a further two, and former editor Patrick Kingsley was named Student Journalist of the Year.

Varsity (bar)

Varsity is a student-focused pub chain operating in the United Kingdom. The name originates from annual university sports competitions.

Varsity (song)

"Varsity" is the alma mater of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The ending lyrics of the song are accompanied by the singers waving their caps held in their right hands.

Varsity (rowing regatta)

The Varsity is a rowing regatta on the Amsterdam–Rhine Canal in Houten, Netherlands each Spring. The Varsity is the oldest and most prestigious student rowing regatta in the Netherlands.

The Varsity is one of the few student-only rowing races and has a fever-pitch rivalry. Traditional elements are combined with new technology and rowing philosophy. While rowing crews defend the honour of the club on the water, spectators on the levee are traditionally brawling with equal fanaticism.

Open for all traditional race rowing classes like the 4+, 4-, 2-, Skiff. Two races in traditional clinker-built boats (overnaads). These traditional boats are often rowed by rowers who cannot participate in the normal races.

The main event is the Oude Vier (Varsity Four, literally 'Old Four') which is rowed in a 4+. The best rowers of all student rowing clubs participate in this event.

Most of the traditions in student rowing in the Netherlands evolve from the Varsity. A common toast within clubs is: "[May the club] win the Varsity!" Clubs which have not won the Varsity for a long time even write songs about it.

The winner of the race is supposed to give a 'kroegjool'. A big party in celebration of the victory. All members of the other participating clubs are invited and drink beer for free.

Varsity (train)

The Varsity was a train operated by the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad (the Milwaukee Road) over a 140-mile route between Chicago and Madison, Wisconsin.

Varsity (film)

Varsity is a lost 1928 American comedy silent film directed by Frank Tuttle and written by Howard Estabrook, George Marion Jr. and Wells Root. The film stars Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Mary Brian, Chester Conklin, Phillips Holmes, Robert Ellis and John Westwood. The film was released on October 27, 1927, by Paramount Pictures.


Varsity, a term originally derived from university, may refer to:

In geography:

  • Varsity, Calgary, a neighbourhood in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Varsity Lakes, Queensland, a suburb of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
  • Varsity View, Saskatoon, a neighbourhood in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

In sports:

  • Varsity team, the principal athletic teams representing a college or university, high school, or middle school
  • Varsity match, a sports fixture played between traditional rival universities, the oldest example being between St Andrews and Edinburgh with Oxford and Cambridge being fairly common.
  • Varsity (rowing regatta), the biggest student rowing regatta in the Netherlands
  • Varsity Blues, various varsity teams of the University of Toronto
    • Varsity Arena, the Varsity Blues' hockey arena
    • Varsity Stadium, the Varsity Blues' football stadium
  • Varsity letter, an award earned in the U.S., which signifies the winner was a qualified varsity-team member, after a certain standard was met

As the name of student newspapers:

  • Varsity (Cambridge), the oldest and only independent student newspaper at Cambridge University
  • Varsity (Cape Town), the student newspaper of the University of Cape Town
  • The Varsity (newspaper), a student newspaper at the University of Toronto
  • Varsity (CUHK), a magazine produced by students in the School of Journalism and Communication at the CUHK

As a restaurant name:

  • The Varsity, a drive-in restaurant and tourist attraction in Atlanta, Georgia
  • The Varsity (bar), a chain of bars across the United Kingdom with 40 outlets

In military history:

  • Operation Varsity, an airborne operation in World War II
  • Vickers Varsity, a post World War II military trainer aircraft based on the Vickers Viking

In music:

  • Varsity Fanclub, a pop group from Los Angeles
  • Varsity (toast), the alma mater of the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Varsity, the 2014 debut EP by ASTR

In transport:

  • the Varsity (train), a passenger train of the Monon Railroad
  • Varsity Line, the railway line that formerly connected Oxford and Cambridge

Varsity may also refer to:

  • Varsity Scouts (Boy Scouts of America), a program of the Boy Scouts of America for older boys
  • Varsity Spirit, an American corporation selling cheerleading clothing and accessories
  • Varsity TV, the former teen-oriented television network
  • Varsity Law, A UK based legal services firm

Usage examples of "varsity".

Every varsity man bunted, but in just the place where it was not expected.

In the beginning of his senior year he had captained the varsity eleven, and in the coming spring he would again sally forth upon the diamond as the star initial sacker of collegedom.

In addition to being sophomore class president, he was a peer counselor, high scorer of the varsity basketball team the past winter, and now he was the wunderkind of the baseball team.

The old varsity had made six runs on nothing but deliberate bunts and daring dashes around the bases.

All I could think of was to ask the freshman and jayvee coaches of neighboring schools if anyone wanted to get one varsity year under his belt before testing the waters elsewhere.

Our youngest, Raymond, hopes to follow his brother Jim to Mercersburg after having won varsity letters in both cross-country running and wrestling in his freshman year at Bishop McNamara High School in Maryland.

Director of Composition, its varsity tennis coach, and Academy prorector Mr.

Ruth at nineteen was enhanced by her jockish appearance in the team photograph for Varsity Squash.

Thud told one of the junior varsity linebackers that he wished he could meet Weiss in a dark alley some night.

As a freshman in high school he was brought up by his coach, over the angry objections of the older players, to pitch the last varsity game of the season.

When Buffy first arrived, and had been assigned to be lab partners with Blayne (his previous lab partner had transferred out the week after school began), the hero of the varsity football Razorbacks tried to make time with her.

He exhorted them to return to their dormitories in the meanwhile and do their homework, by candlelight if necessary, inasmuch as varsity political crises came and went, as indeed did colleges and curricula, but the research after Answers must unflaggingly persist.

Estelle Oppers was always giving her snooty looks, but Norma Kay was proud of its bright yellow color and the perky little flip like she wore when she was a starter on the Coffeyville varsity team twenty-five years ago.

Hartley Flanagan was a corporation lawyer who could chin himself a dozen times and had been a varsity fullback at Stanford.

It must have been all of ten years ago, her last term at Cape Town varsity, swigging draught beer in the Pig and Whistle at Randall's Hotel and talking the most inane rubbish.