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As always, Varn thought how eerie it looked, seeing his neighbors moving through the fog, disappearing and appearing like wraiths as they jumped from island to island.

When they came to the stable, Varn waited as Chailen pulled back the bolt on the doors.

He was a nice fellow, too, a middle-sized man like Doctor Varn, but swarthy.

When they started to fasten my arms to the arms of the chair, Varn told them not to bother.

When Varn and the attendant saw nothing was wrong, the attendant stepped back into the hall and the door swung shut.

Doctor Varn is obviously reluctant to discuss the experimental treatment, even though it was astonishingly successful.

And, like our Doctor Varn, I am slightly bitter because I will never be able to publish the details of it.

Somehow I saw all the doctors I had not met as looking exactly like Varn, all handsome little bald fellows.

It is even possible that Doctor Varn did it purposely, on an experimental basis.

There would come then the Point of the Hound and beyond that only Varn was truly known.

Despite all the malicious provocations, supported or at least connived at by Varn and the rest of the Dekkan Planetary Council, despite the brutal stupidity of the PDI, even despite being perforated by a chunk of metal that had made a jigsaw puzzle of his elbow joint, Johnson was holding a full two steps down from the intensity of response that the rules of engagement now permitted.

Without a request from Councillor Varn or the others to stay and renegotiate their tenure, Kirk would be obliged to conclude the mission as briefed, with a complete withdrawal from the 4725 Cancri system.

In the event, Varn spoke like someone calling the police to come and prevent his house from being burgled.

Still, I should varn you, Sheriff, that I vill hold you personally responsible if anyzhing goes missing.

Doctor Varn and the Toll Valley Hospital where they had varied the basic compound and boosted the dosage to where they could not only guarantee you a bad trip, they could pop you permanently loose from reality if you had any potential fracture line anywhere in your psyche.