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n. (plural of varmint English)

Usage examples of "varmints".

He took a good fat yearling heifer, put her in a box-stall, and day after day put hundreds of clean baby ticks on her, holding her while these varmints crawled away beneath her hair to get a good grip on her hide.

That big cabin we built for him on Possum Key is up there yet, all thorn-growed and blind windows, and the varmints slinking in and out, and flowers growing through the chinks where wind and rot clear space for the sun and air.

Besides his whip, every man carried rifle and pistol to take care of any two-legged or four-legged varmints we might have to deal with.

Them moor-men is the worst varmints in the country, and the youngest is the black-heartedest, like foxes.

After that, concerned Milagro citizens commenced picking off the varmints from a distance, using high-powered guns and telescopic sights.