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n. (context dialect English) vermin

Usage examples of "varmin".

Observed on his way toward Saunders Road, crossing Varmin Way he tripped on the new curb.

Saturday, 13 February, 1988, from its end on Rippolson Road, an initial examination was made of Varmin Way.

We walked along the unpainted tar in the middle of Varmin Way, equidistant between the street lamps.

Charles Melville has broken Varmin Way, has tamed it, is riding it like a bronco through the city and beyond.

I think on the idea that Charles Melville is sending Varmin Way to come for me, and that it will creep up on me with a growl of mixers and drills.

Varmin Way was born, or the stories of where the Viae Ferae go when they unoccur.