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Usage examples of "varly".

I took the hand that Varly had dropped, and I propelled her gently toward the door.

Just had arrested Varly, and wanted to lock him up somewhere under his personal supervision.

If it's the natives', then I don't see that anyone can take Varly into custody except the natives, and if what Capella says is true, the aliens don't have any notion of punitive measures.

Alternatively, they claim, they ought to hold Varly pending a demand by the local agency that he be turned over.

And if the alien law is sovereign, then Caradoc has no claim on Varly at all.

Instead of Varly we had the whole Aegis contingent in "protective custody.

We wan' to fin' Varly before he kills anyone else an' that includes you.

By this time it was almost totally dark in the forest, and Varly was breathing down our necks in order to stay certain that he could fry us with a twitch of his finger.

In the darkness, I wasn't sure, and I daren't act on the slender evidence of my eyes, but it seemed to me that Varly was using the rifle for support, with the barrel jammed into the ground.

What did Varly, the Aegis people, Johnny, Just, and the scientists at the waterfall have in common on that day?