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Varley is a surname. The surname is either an English surname of Norman origin or an Irish surname of Gaelic origin. The Varley surname arrived into England from the original French de Verley during the Norman conquest of England in 1066. As an Irish surname, it is a Connacht name, found particularly in the counties of Mayo and Galway, one translation thought to be Mac an Bhearshúiligh or Mac Giolla Bhearshúiligh (literally "son of the sharp eyed man"). The name was Anglicised variously as Varely, Varily, Varley, Varrilly, Varrelly, etc.

  • Beatrice Varley (1896–1964), British actress
  • C. F. Varley (1828–1883), British electrical engineer
  • Cornelius Varley (1781–1873), English artist
  • Damien Varley (b. 1983), Rugby Union player for Munster Rugby
  • Darren Varley (1973–1999), Canadian manslaughter victim
  • Eric Varley (1932–2008), English politician
  • Fleetwood Varley (1862–1936), British sport shooter
  • Frank Bradley Varley (1885–1929), English politician
  • Frederick Horsman Varley (1881–1969), Canadian artist
  • Gez Varley, British Techno musician and DJ
  • H. Paul Varley, American academic
  • Harry Varley (1867–1915), English rugby union footballer
  • Harry Varley (1910–1977), Musician
  • Henry Varley (1835–1912), English evangelist
  • Isobel Varley (b. 1937), British Guinness Book of World Records recognised tattooed senior
  • John Varley (disambiguation), several people of that name
  • Lynn Varley, American comic colourist
  • Natalya Varley (b. 1947), Russian film and theatre actress
  • Paul Varley (b. 1949), English musician
  • Piers Varley (b. Unknown), British-American banker, patriot, proponent of capitalism
  • Sarah-Jane Varley, British actress
  • Susan Varley (b. 1961), British children's book illustrator
  • William Varley (1880–1968), American Olympic rower

Usage examples of "varley".

But the instant the idea that it was Crusoe occurred to Varley he uttered a yell of anger, and sprang towards the woman with a bound that caused the three Indians to leap to their feet and grasp their tomahawks.

His wretched tail seemed little better than a piece of wire filed off to a point, and he vented his misery in piteous squeaks as the sympathetic Varley confided him tenderly to the care of his mother.

Joe Blunt, as he reached the ground and found Dick Varley there before him.

At this point the conversation was interrupted by a sound that caused young Varley to spring up and seize his rifle, and Fan to show her teeth and growl.

We may remark here that Dick Varley had presented Fan to his mother to be her watch-dog, resolving to devote all his powers to the training of the pup.

Dick Varley rose immediately, and rescuing the mitten, resumed his seat on a rock.

During all this trying operation Dick Varley never once betrayed the slightest feeling of irritability or impatience.

At last Dick Varley saw that this system would never do, so he changed his tactics, and the next morning gave Crusoe no breakfast, but took him out at the usual hour to go through his lesson.

Dick Varley immediately lavished upon him the tenderest caresses and gave him a lump of meat.

Dick Varley had now become a man, and his pup Crusoe had become a full-grown dog.

At other times his gait was slow, and he seemed to prefer a quiet walk with Dick Varley to anything else under the sun.

While Dick Varley felled and cut up firewood, Henri unpacked the horses and turned them loose to graze, and Joe kindled the fire and prepared venison steaks and hot tea for supper.

And so thought Dick Varley, as he sprang suddenly into a sitting posture next morning, and threw his arms with an exulting feeling of delight round the neck of Crusoe, who instantly sat up to greet him.

It was a great, a memorable day in the life of Dick Varley, that on which he first beheld the prairie--the vast boundless prairie.

Here they were suddenly arrested by a most extraordinary sight--at least it was so to Dick Varley, who had never seen the like before.