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Varlamov is a Russian masculine surname, its feminine counterpart is Varlamova. It may refer to

  • Aleksandr Varlamov (born 1979), diver who has represented both Russia and Belarus during his career.
  • Alexander Egorovich Varlamov (1801–1848), Russian composer
  • Alexander Vladimirovich Varlamov (1904–1990), Russian composer
  • Evgeny Varlamov (b. 1976), Russian ice hockey defender
  • Igor Varlamov (born 1971), retired Russian footballer
  • Ivan Varlamov (born 1937), retired Soviet footballer
  • Konstantin Varlamov (1848-1915), Russian stage actor
  • Nina Varlamova (1954–2008), Russian politician
  • Galina Varlamova (born 1951), Russian writer, philologist and folklorist
  • Sergei Varlamov (born 1978), Ukrainian former NHL hockey player
  • Semyon Varlamov (born 1988), Russian ice hockey goaltender
  • Valentin Varlamov (1934–1980) Cosmonaut candidate/instructor
  • Viktor Varlamov, former Soviet speedskater
  • Yevgeni Varlamov, (born 1975), retired Russian footballer, currently coaching at CSKA Moscow

Varlamov is also the name of several rural localities in Russia