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Varlaam is a variant of Barlaam and of Varlam. It may refer to:


  • Greece:
    • Varlaam, Greece, a village in the southern Ioannina regional unit in Epirus
  • Romania:
    • Varlaam, a village in Gura Teghii Commune, Buzău County
    • Varlaam, a village in Adunații-Copăceni Commune, Giurgiu County


  • Varlaam, Metropolitan of Moscow
  • Varlaam Moțoc, Metropolitan of Moldavia
  • Grigory Shyshatsky, aka Varlaam, Archbishop of Mogilev
  • Victor Sylvestrovych Solowij, aka Archbishop Varlaam
  • Varlaam of Chikoy
  • Varlaam (character), a character in Alexander Pushkin's drama Boris Godunov, and, later, Modest Mussorgsky's opera of the same name