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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Varius is a Latin word meaning "diverse, different, changeable; various, variegated" and may refer to :

  • Varius (genus), a genus belonging to the Nepticulidae family of small moths
  • Varius Manx, a Polish pop group
  • XKO Varius, a web content management system
  • Lucius Varius Rufus, a Roman poet
  • a song by metal Canadian band Stann
Varius (genus)

Varius is a genus of moths of the Nepticulidae family. It contains only one species, Varius ochnicola, which is found in South Africa.

It appears to resemble Enteucha in various ways, such as the shape of the valva and uncus, the absence of a transverse bar of the transtilla and possibly the thickening in the aedeagus.

The larvae feed on Ochna pulchra. They probably mine the leaves of their host.

Usage examples of "varius".

The life of Elagabalus Antoninus, also called Varius [His original name was Varius Avitus.

Now when Macrinus had been slain and also his son Diadumenianus, who had been given an equal share of the power and also the name Antoninus, the imperial office was bestowed upon Varius Elagabalus, solely because he was reputed to be the son of Bassianus.

Originally, he had the name Varius, but later he was called Elagabalus because he was priest of this god -- whom he afterwards brought with him from Syria to Rome, founding a temple for him on the site of an earlier shrine of Orcus.

For that matter, her amour with Antoninus Caracalla was so notorious that Varius, or rather Elagabalus, was commonly supposed to be his son.

The name Varius, some say, was given him by his school-fellows because he seemed to be sprung from the seed of "various" men, as would be the case with the son of a harlot [See note to i.

But immediately after the inscriptions on Alexander's statues were smeared with mud, all the soldiers were fired with anger, and they set out, some for the Palace and some for the gardens where Varius was, with the purpose of protecting Alexander and finally ridding the state of this filthy creature full of murderous intent.

Then the soldiers went to the gardens, where they found Varius making preparations for a chariot-race and at the same time eagerly awaiting the news of his cousin's murder.

His name, that is to say the name Antoninus, was erased from the public records by order of the senate [it is erased on many of his inscriptions -- DM], -- though the name Varius Elagabalus was left --, for he had used the name Antoninus without valid claim, wishing to be thought the son of Antoninus.

If you visit the preserves on Morrison’s World, you’ll see any number of thunalia roaming the plains—even though Beta Varius Four is now devoid of complex life-forms.