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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I have been variously called a nominalist, an instrumentalist, a positivist, a realist, and several other ists.
▪ The alchemists observed a stage in the opus which they called variously the leprosy of the metals or the blessed greenness.
▪ These fundamental rights are variously described and vindicated by a variety of philosophical arguments to which we can not do justice here.
▪ Major workers in the field have variously described attachment in the parent-infant relationship.
▪ Many varieties also have a vegetable or fruity overtone, variously described as cucumber or melon.
▪ The number of demonstrators in Moscow was estimated variously at between 5,000 and 55,000.
▪ The requirements of a ballot before strike action have been variously interpreted by the courts.
▪ The shift away from isolation has been variously interpreted.
▪ An important trade is concerned with the exploitation of the great grasslands variously known as prairie, pampas, savannah, etc.
▪ The channels are known variously as the grapevine, gossip and rumour.
▪ All is drawn in variously diluted glaze, and there is increasing use of washes of colour.
▪ Berger's views relate to a specifically political motivation, variously apparent throughout the novel.
▪ The constant is the head, variously rendered but always recognisably the same basic structure.
▪ The important question of the containment of head and shoulders within the frame is dealt with variously.
▪ The Reagans condemned the book, which was variously believed and disbelieved by critics and insiders.
▪ They are variously named coaches, carriages or compartments.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Variously \Va"ri*ous*ly\, adv. In various or different ways.


adv. In various ways; diversely.


adv. in diverse ways; "the alternatives that are variously represented by the participants"; "the speakers treated the subject most diversely" [syn: diversely, multifariously]

Usage examples of "variously".

The cells, instead of being filled with homogeneous purple fluid, now contain variously shaped masses of purple matter, suspended in a colourless or almost colourless fluid.

Englishmen held to the view of Americans as uncouth obstreperous trouble-makers, regardless of the example in their midst, among others, of Benjamin Franklin, as variously talented and politically sophisticated as anyone in Europe, and thoroughly dedicated to the goal of reconciliation.

The buccaneer force has been variously stated, but it appears certain that the canoas, and periaguas, which took part in the fight, contained only sixty-eight of their company.

The ceiling, scorched and blackened though it was, still showed traces of elaborate plasterwork not to be matched even by the ornate ceilings down below, and the fireplace was a masterpiece of variously patterned marbles, ugly in its grandeur, but impressively conceived and executed.

The spines are variously coloured, white and yellow tints predominating, and from the symmetrical arrangement of the areolae or tufts of spines they are very pretty objects, and are hence frequently kept in drawing-room plant cases.

The extent and boundaries of their respective dioceses had been variously and accidentally decided by the zeal and success of the first missionaries, by the wishes of the people, and by the propagation of the gospel.

The five ships of the fleet, each with a complement of twenty or so variously warm bodies, human and saur, have primitive ship-to-ship and space-to-ground missiles, none of which would have impressed a moderately competent pyrotechnician of the Ming Dynasty, and a piratical arsenal of firearms and plasma rifles, which would.

He had other Shahi sets variously fashioned of porcelain and jade and rare woods and pure crystal, and all of those pieces were sculptured as exquisitely as if they had been miniature statues of living monarchs and generals and their men at arms.

His name was Sheff Hassell, and he rated variously as a dealer in legitimate commodities to an owner of gambling joints.

The right bank was now clear of the enemy, Shere Singh having followed the previous division of his army to the Jhelum, where he ultimately took post in the formidable position of Russool, with a force which was augmented to forty thousand men, and a powerful artillery, estimated variously from sixty-two to ninety guns.

All these Mysteries, says Clemens of Alexandria, displaying to us murders and tombs alone, all these religious tragedies, had a common basis, variously ornamented: and that basis was the fictitious death and resurrection of the Sun, Soul of the World, principle of life and movement in the Sublunary World, and source of our intelligences, which are but a portion of the Eternal Light blazing in that Star, their chief centre.

Black cardamom has been variously classified as Zmgiber nigrum, Alpinia allughas, and, sometimes, Amomurn amarum.

Visualization has been variously called self-hypnosis, autosuggestion, enchantment, magic, self-fulfilling prophecy, and imagination.

Lake of Tiberias, Sea of Galilee, or Bahr Tubariya, as it is variously called.

The cells, instead of being filled with homogeneous purple fluid, now contain variously shaped masses of purple matter, suspended in a colourless or almost colourless fluid.