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n. (plural of variant English)

Usage examples of "variants".

But after more than a decade of neglect the wheel comes full circle, for it turns out that certain phosphoproteins are centrally involved in memory mechanisms, and today my lab is using the modern variants of the methods I learned with McIlwain nearly thirty years ago.

Hades authorized the reconnoiterers to act independently, and to dispense with any or all of the established variants of the program if they saw fit.

He had lived to finish, it is said, the vast collection of all known traditional Scottish and English Ballads, with all accessible variants, a work of great labour and research, and a distinguished honour to American scholarship.

Study of these mutations, for example in the colour of the eyes, the patterning of the wing veins, the number of bristles on the abdomen and many other minor variants, has provided vital clues to the mechanisms of genetic inheritance and the control of development in the fly and, by generalization, in other life forms too.

C-fos and c-jun are of interest, though, not merely because they provide a key mechanistic link between early events at the cell membrane and nuclear protein synthesis, but because they only become active in cells showing plastic changes, and they can be measured and localized with exquisite sensitivity by variants of the autoradiographic techniques I have already described.

But the greatest pressure comes from commercial publishers who begin to recognize potentially profitable markets, and move in with their own variants of the title.

Every day they played out, on the simulators, different variants of the approach to Quinta as well as the tactics of establishing contact with its inhabitants.

Had I inundated all of you with all the variants in the analysis that I had done, you would have had to sit through weeks of lectures.

From this point on, according to both variants, the incident took the same course.

But variants who break the programming will outbreed all others, soon putting us back where we started.

Some clans based their commercial ciphers on variants of very ancient systems.

Half the worlds in the Human Phylum have horse variants, some much stranger than these.

I have released a virus that attacks and swiftly kills all known variants of such organisms.

The number of variants of a ballad is likely to be proportionate to its antiquity and wide distribution.

Mary Hamilton occurring in a tragic event of 1719, but then the name does not uniformly appear in the variants of the ballad.