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Varian may refer to:


  • Varian Fry (1907-1967), American journalist who helped thousands escape from Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II
  • Varian Lonamei (born 1962), Minister for Aviation, Communication and Meteorology, and member of the National Parliament of the Solomon Islands
  • Hal Varian (born 1947), Google's chief economist
  • Isaac Varian (1793-1864), American politician and mayor of New York
  • John Osborne Varian (1863-1931), Theosophist affiliated with the Temple of the People and the utopian community of Halcyon, California
  • Roger Varian (born 1979), British racehorse trainer
  • Russell Varian (1898-1959), co-founder of Varian Associates, son of John Osborne Varian
  • Sigurd Varian (1901-1961), co-founder of Varian Associates, son of John Osborne Varian
  • Sheila Varian, breeder of Arabian horses, niece of Russell and Sigurd Varian


  • Varian Associates, an electronics company which split up into three companies in 1999:
    • Varian Medical Systems, a manufacturer of medical equipment
    • Varian, Inc., a manufacturer of scientific instruments, now part of Agilent Technologies
    • Varian Semiconductor, a supplier of equipment for semiconductor manufacturers, now part of Applied Materials
  • Varian Data Machines, a division of Varian Associates which made minicomputers


  • Varian, Iran, a village in Alborz Province, Iran
  • USS Varian (DE-798), a U.S. Navy World War II destroyer escort
  • Varian, one of the Baronies of Gwynedd (fictional) in the Deryni fantasy universe of author Katherine Kurtz
  • Varian, Bionicle Character