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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Variably \Va"ri*a*bly\, adv. In a variable manner.


adv. In a variable manner.


adv. with variation; in a variable manner or to a variable degree; "it will be variably cloudy"

Usage examples of "variably".

The fashion of this Chariot was quadrangulat, of two perfect squares, longe wayes, of sixe foote in length and three foote in height, with a bearing out coronice aboue and vnder the plynth: and about the same a plaine, in breadth two foote and a halfe, and in length fiue foot and a halfe, bearing towards the Coronice, all ouer scally, with precious stones, with an altered congresse and order of collours, variably disposed.

My heart in variably cleaved to the master's, in preference to Cath erine's side---with reason, I imagined, for he was kind, and trustful, and honourable.

Most of the Osvalds used embodiment software to simulate hypothetical vacuum-adapted fleshers, complete with airtight, thermally insulating hides, infrared communication, variably adhesive palms and soles, and simulated repair of simulated radiation damage.