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n. (plural of variable English)

Usage examples of "variables".

These biological givens are simply the background constants against which numerous other factors play themselves out, variables such as modes of technology, environmental threats, family structures, types of productive activity, population density, nature of work organization, degree of separation of work- and homesites.

And yet, within the artificial world that the laboratory enables one to create, we can and must isolate the variables, and, if we are clever and lucky enough, we can discover how to fit them back into some meaningful real-life pattern.

In almost all of these cases, adequate control experiments are not performed, or variables are insufficiently separated.

Okay, so we have these boxes called variables and also data that can go into the variable.

Of course, when eliminiating repeated code, you often have variables in the repeated code.

Functions allow local variables that exist only inside the function and can hide other variables that are outside the function.

Norla watched her ranges, rates, altitudes, velocities, air pressures, trying to juggle all the variables by gut and guess as much as by the gauges.