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Vargö is a small island, one of the westmost in the Southern Göteborg Archipelago of Sweden. Facing the open sea, it is an almost completely barren island, and a nature reserve.


Vargo may refer to:

  • Alexander Vargo, Russian writer
  • Bruce Vargo, United States Army personnel
  • Mark Vargo (born 1954), American special effects artist
  • Stephen Vargo, American academic
  • Trina Vargo, American politician scientist
  • Vargö, an island in Sweden (Vargo is an anglicized alternate spelling without diacritics)
  • Vargo (band), a German electronic music duo
Vargo (band)

Vargo is an electronic music band composed of producer Ansgar Üffink and vocalist Stephanie Hundertmark. The success of Vargo's 2001 single "Get Back to Serenity", released on several compilations, enabled the duo to produce their 2004 album, Beauty.

Vargo is associated with the Café del Mar, and was the first German act to be included in its compilations. Vargo's music has been included on over 50 compilations.