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Vargas (state)

Vargas State (, ) is one of the 23 states of Venezuela. Named after Venezuela's first non-military president, José María Vargas, Vargas comprises a coastal region in the north of Venezuela, bordering Aragua to the west, Miranda to the east, the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Capital District to the south. It is home to both the country's largest seaport and airport. The state capital is La Guaira. The Litoral Varguense conurbation it's the principal urban agglomeration in the state, which is part of the Greater Caracas Area.

In 1999, the geographic center of Vargas state suffered major floods and landslides, known as La Tragedia de Vargas (the Vargas tragedy), causing major losses of life and property, and resulting in forced population movements, including the virtual disappearance of some small towns. Thousands died, and many more fled the area to other states.


Vargas may refer to:

  • Vargas (surname)
Vargas (comics)
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Vargas (surname)

Vargas is a Spanish and Portuguese surname: