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Varen may refer to:

  • Varen, Switzerland, a municipality in the canton of Valais, Switzerland
  • Varen, Tarn-et-Garonne, a commune in the Tarn-et-Garonne department, France
  • Bernhard Varen
  • Daniel Steen Varen
  • Varen, a Belgian watersports magazine

Usage examples of "varen".

First, with each additional agent of the Conclave who gets near Leso Varen, the risk to us is multiplied.

Tal set off down the stairway, thinking that whatever might have been said, Leso Varen had reservations which were expressed in his eyes, if not his words.

One servant had been overheard to complain that if Leso Varen wanted another corpse dragged out of his quarters in the dead of night, he could bloody well do it himself, and another once remarked that whatever the black stains were on the walls of one of the rooms up there, they were nearly impossible to scrub off.

This Leso Varen was a necromancer, a master of the magic of death, and he had undertaken some great spell recently.

He spent a short paragraph speculating on what influence Varen had over Kaspar.

Kaspar has been becoming increasingly dependent upon him, spending more and more time in that abattoir Varen calls home.

But they have crossed paths before and Varen opposes everything Pug and the Conclave stand for.

Pug had warned Tal that Leso Varen would detect any spell used within miles of the citadel.

Even if Kaspar was taken, Varen was the true target and he must not escape.

Pug and the others, and there Tal would have to destroy them before Varen killed him, else all would fail.

Seeing that the huge fighter was somehow resisting his magic, Varen sighed as if he was out of patience.

But Tal noticed that each time Varen did this the pain he was experiencing lessened slightly.

He took two steps towards the mage, and Varen fell to his knees, his face turning red and the veins on his head starting to stand out.

Then he knelt, pulled Varen upright, moved behind him, and put his arms on either side of his head.

We can heal her flesh wounds, but as for the other things Varen did to her?