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Vardi may refer to:

  • Emanuel Vardi, an Israeli-born American violist and composer
  • Arie Vardi, an Israeli classical pianist
  • Moshe Y. Vardi, an Israeli computer scientist
  • Yossi Vardi, an Israeli tech entrepreneur
  • Vardi, Estonia, village in Pärsti Parish, Viljandi County, Estonia
Vardi (film)

'Vardi ' is a 1989 Bollywood film directed by Umesh Mehra. It stars Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Jackie Shroff, Kimi Katkar and Madhuri Dixit.

Lalchand (Kader Khan) is arrested by Inspector Verma (Vinod Mehra) and vows to avenge this. He does so by abducting his only son, and later informing Verma that he has killed his son, in the process of apprehending Lalchand, Havaldar Bhagwan Singh (Dharmendra) is killed by saving Verma's life. Vera and his wife Shanti (Anjana Mumtaz) bring up Bhagwan's son, Ajay, as their own. Years later Ajay (Sunny Deol) has grown up to be a police inspector as well, Verma is now the Commissioner. Together they band together to stop Lalchand, who is now a crimelord of international standards, from carrying on terrorist activity in the country; and also try and locate Verma's son, who they find out is still alive, but leads a life of crime.