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Ortaias Sphrantzes, a foolish, trivial young man with more bombast than sense, was only a pawn in the hands of his uncle Vardanes.

Well, for all that your mother was a cur, you make a better one than that scrannel Vardanes, who thought only of his prick in the end.

The Zamorian traitor was a smiling, laughing villain, dear to a Turanian heart Small, lean, lithe, and swaggering, handsome and reckless as a young god, Vardanes was an amusing drinking companion and a devilish fighter but as cold-hearted and untrustworthy as an adder.

And Vardanes, whose malignance was neither mediocre nor trivial, had coveted Alypia for years.

Jowisza - czy nawet Phosa - robi Vardanes Sphrantzes jako premier obecnego Imperatora?