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It was nearly noon when he reached the house Vard had provided for them, and he swung down out of his saddle, controlling his excitement as best he could.

In the very center, enclosed within that inner ring of seers, stood the silver-haired Vard and the giant Toth.

As evening darkened their concealed basin, and the stars came out in the velvety sky overhead, they gathered about the fire and ate a supper consisting of lightly grilled lamb, steamed vegetables, and dark bread, all drawn from the supplies Vard had pressed upon them before they had left the village near the beach.

There was too much to see and do to linger long in any one of the many trendy caf6s lining the boule vards and avenues, and she returned to the hotel each evening in time to shower, change, dine, then explore the city by night with Rafe in attendance.

The manager of the Vard Federation and Professor Pell of the Paraphysical Laboratory of the Higham University.

When they had dropped the small bower they could see not only the galley lying on an even keel down there upon a coral plateau fifty vards wide but the encrusted anchor of some ancient wreck far deeper and their own cable running away and away.