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Varbitsa (river)

Varbitsa ( Bulgarian:Върбица) is a river in the Eastern Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria. The Varbitsa river, a tributary to the Arda, the main river of the Rhodope Mountains, runs through 8 municipalities, 6 of them within the region of Kardjali and 2 in the region of Smolyan. It is the lifeline of the area, with industrial, drinking and irrigation water coming out, and refuse, raw sewage and industrial waste going in. That the Varbitsa starts below an officially “safe” tailings reservoir above the town of Zlatograd has been of concern, as has the fact that Zlatograd’s rubbish dump is next to the river, and begins to enter into its waters as it expands. The Varbitsa is Bulgaria’s most temperamental river, with up to 5,000 times difference in water volume between spring highs and autumn lows, with frequent massive flooding and erosion as a result. Flooding and erosion are also stimulated by forestry and gravel industries, many of them unlicensed corrupt adding to the difficulty of control.

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Varbitsa ( ; "little willow", from varba, " willow") may refer to the following Bulgarian toponyms:

  • Varbitsa (town), a town in Shumen Province, the administrative centre of Varbitsa Municipality
    • Varbitsa Pass in the Balkan Mountains, site of the Battle of Pliska in 811
  • Varbitsa, Haskovo Province, a village
  • Varbitsa, Pleven Province, a village
  • Varbitsa, Veliko Tarnovo Province, a village
  • Varbitsa, Vratsa Province, a village
  • Varbitsa (river) in the Rhodope Mountains
Varbitsa (town)

Varbitsa ( ; "little willow", from varba, " willow"; also transliterated Vǎrbica) is a town in eastern Bulgaria, part of Shumen Province. It is the administrative centre of Varbitsa Municipality, which lies in the southwestern part of Shumen Province. As of December 2009, the town has a population of 3,585 inhabitants.

Varbitsa is located in the southeastern Danubian Plain, at the foot of the eastern Balkan Mountains, on both banks of the Gerila river. The area was populated in Antiquity by the Thracians and Romans, while the Slavs and Bulgars arrived in the Early Middle Ages. It is thought that the first ruler of the First Bulgarian Empire, Asparuh, settled the Severians in the region of the Varbitsa Pass in order to guard it in the 7th century. The pass was the site of the Battle of Pliska on 26 July 811, during which Krum of Bulgaria's forces routed the Byzantine army, killing and beheading Byzantine Emperor Nikephoros I.