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Varazdat (, Latinized: Varasdates; ; flourished 4th century) was a prince who served as a Roman client king of Arsacid Armenia from 374 until 378.

Derived from Middle Persianwarāz meaning "boar" combined with Middle Persian dātan "to give", the name Varazdat roughly means "given by boars" or "giver of boars"., boar being a symbol for valor and fierceness.

Varazdat (marzban)

Varazdat ( Middle Persian: Warāzdātan), was an Iranian nobleman who served as the marzban of Persian Armenia from 560 to 564. During his governorship, Armenia was relatively peaceful. In 561, the Sasanian Empire and the Byzantine Empire, concluded a peace treaty known as the " Fifty-Year Peace Treaty", which ended the Lazic War. In 564, Varazdat was succeeded by Chihor-Vishnasp.