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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Varangian \Va*ran"gi*an\, n. One of the Northmen who founded a dynasty in Russia in the 9th century; also, one of the Northmen composing, at a later date, the imperial bodyguard at Constantinople.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

one of the Northmen who ravaged the Baltic coast in 9c. and by tradition overran part of western Russia and founded a dynasty there," 1788, from Medieval Latin Varangus, from Byzantine Greek Barangos, a name ultimately (via Slavic) from Old Norse væringi "a Scandinavian," properly "a confederate," from var- "pledge, faith," related to Old English wær "agreement, treaty, promise," Old High German wara "faithfulness" (see very). Attested in Old Russian as variagi; surviving in Russian varyag "a pedlar," Ukrainian varjah "a big strong man."

Varangian (disambiguation)

Varangian may refer to one of these:

  • Varangians, the term for Norse Vikings who were active in Eastern Europe
  • Member of the Varangian Guard
  • Russian term for Catholics in the 12th and 13th century
  • Russian term for Scandinavians until the second half of the 12th century
  • Russian name of the Baltic Sea up to the 18th century
  • The Varangian Way, the second full length album from Viking metallers Turisas
  • Related to the Varanger Peninsula, Norway
  • Sturtian-Varangian, a glacial episode approximately 700 million years ago, named after Varanger

Usage examples of "varangian".

The floor still had that alarming tendency to shake as if she balanced in a chariot, but Father Basil and a Varangian let her lean on them.

Alexandra inspected the big Varangian, who promptly involved himself with a minute adjustment to her stirrup.

Perhaps she could use Father Basil, accompanied by one Susan Shtuarfz of her Greek officers and one Varangian, to approach them.

Above all, he is a Varangian, pledged to the Emperor-and, through my brother, to me.

And, Father Basil not the big man who led the Varangian Guard observed it bar f From desert, they rode into the green of an oasis, 1 solitude into the paths of caravans starting the jot out across the singing sand.

The Varangian glared, then evidently decided not to waste time pounding him into the rock before he searched for his princess-a decision for which Father Basil was devoutly grateful.

A slinger whirled its weapon with unnatural strength and speed, and a Varangian fell, his skull shattered.

One bounced, and struck the Varangian on the side of the head and he fell.

She renounces all ties of kinship, and then she will join the Varangian Guard, thus leaving herself husbandless and her sisters free to marry.

Tyra would like to get to know her better, but of course that would be impossible when she was in faraway Byzantium, serving with the Varangian Guard.

Tyra was in the exercise arena, practicing battle skills with other members of the Varangian Guard.

Mercenaries and soldiers like the Varangian Guard were rewarded with huge salaries and the right to take booty after battles.

The Stoneheim soldiers are serving with the Varangian Guard under General Leo Phocas, but the warrior princess known as Tyra.

Another sennight had gone by, and Tyra was in the exercise arena, practicing battle skills with other members of the Varangian Guard.

Imperial Ducas line and therefore the likeliest person here to control a former Varangian guardsman who looked as if he were running mad.