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'''Varambally or Varamballi is a surname of a small group of Brahmin family. '''

Varambally is believed to have migrated from Kerala. But recent studies say otherwise. The truth is yet to come to light. The name Varambally, their practices, their temple which is called Garadi (situated in Uppinakote, Udupi district) resemble Kerala's traditions and practices.

It is believed that Varambally were priests to a goddess temple. It is said that there were two Varambally brothers who offered prayers and conducted the Brahmana duties to a temple in Kerala. Every year, the main priest being the eldest Varamballi son, was invited to perform yagna in different places, specially during Dussera. During one such Dussera, in the absence/delay of the first brother, the second brother took up the priestly responsibilities. The elder son took it as an insult and they had a fight which broke them so badly that they separated into two Garadi, Padugaradi and Mudugaradi. They have been separated ever since. The truth is yet to be uncovered.

Since the Varambally history is so vague and there are hardly any solid proof of their past, why they divided into two Garadi, it has led to a lot of confusions and there are many stories revolving around. What is fact, what is fiction, no one knows. The only fact known is that they belonged to the Brahmin community and were highly reached priests.

''' Varambally ''' is a village in the southern state of Karnataka, India. It is located in the Udupi taluk of Udupi district in Karnataka. Once the Varambally Garadi was established in Uppinakote, Udupi, the place was named after the Varambally family. Now, there are very few Varambally families who reside in and around Varambally Village. Their Garadi still stands and every person living around believe that the village is blessed by the Goddess Chandika Durga Parameshwari. Even though only Brahmins are allowed inside the garadi, the non-Brahmins residing nearby wait patiently for her blessings, specially during Dussera.