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Crossword clues for vape


n. (short for vaporizer English) vb. (context intransitive English) To inhale the vapor produced by a non-combustible cigarette, most commonly an electronic cigarette.

Usage examples of "vape".

Another proton explosion lit the darkness, vaping the central disk of the big skip carrier.

Janson's first shot entered his target's port ion engine, vaping the eyeball in a spectacular explosion.

In another few seconds, he and Twelve would be vaped, and the destruction would be complete.

In addition to doing all his own flying—he vaped one interceptor—he seemed to be keeping track of all the Wraiths and their current opponents.

I got the impression that he'd been thinking of me as some sort of avenging monster who vaped people for screwups.

The old Dia would have vaped that target without a second's hesitation.

The third TIE fighter had nailed him with a good fuselage shot just before Wedge had vaped him, and his cockpit was now filling with smoke.

Wind this up as fast as you can and try not to get vaped in the process.

If you get vaped, it doesn't matter whether it happens while you're lying in a five-star hotel or a parking lot.

Biggs lit and vaped five, making him an ace, but another pilot claimed his number-three kill.

As a pilot, he's getting better and better and has vaped his share of the enemy we've faced.

While the pilots had been clearly green-a fact that 66 percent losses on their part made abundantly clear-their lasers still burned hot and could have vaped him had he not outflown them.