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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Vant \Vant\, v. i. See Vaunt. [Obs.]


vb. (eye dialect of want English)


The word Vant means:

  • in India, the title for a high rank amongst the ennobled Hindu retainers of the Nizam of Hyderabad, equivalent to the Muslim nobiliary title Molk
  • in computer science, a turmite, also called ant
  • in German, a barn or animal enclosure with walls made from uprooted tree stumps
  • in Norwegian, vant means is "won"
  • VANT are a British rock band signed to Parlophone Records.
VANT (band)

VANT are a British indie rock band formed in 2014 by frontman and songwriter Mattie Vant. In 2015 they signed to Parlophone Records.

Usage examples of "vant".

But what lady of stature, what Captain Hawthorn, and what had Vant warned Brier about?

Uf he vants to abologize now I vont shood him drough der heart mit a pullet.

After wolfing down some bread and fruit from the overgenerous breakfast the second set of ser vants had brought, Tarma headed off to oversee the further training of the horses, concentrating on the gold and the dapple.

At half-past three in the morning, well before daylight, the mounted infantry picket at the junction of the roads from Landmans and Vants Drifts was fired into by the Doornberg commando, and retired upon its supports.

Taking a break from bumpy noses, evolution had equipped the Toorjaani with noses that bent at a right angle, pointing left (the dominant caste) or right (ser vants, doormen, boot polishers, so on).

In the four years between his mother's death and Mher ic's, Mikhyel had served many functions for his father: ser vant to romPetikh's fancy teas, performer (sometimes complete to having strings attached to his limbs so that Mheric could manipulate him like a puppet) .