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Vann or Salvadora oleiodes is a small bushy evergreen tree found in India, Pakistan, and southern Iran.

Vann may also refer to:

  • Vann, California, an unincorporated community in Lake County
  • Vann Peak, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica

Usage examples of "vann".

Several of the cops greeted Vann as he shepherded Grace across the crowded street to a corner cafe called Barista, which was next to the entrance to the Judiciary Square Metro station.

Dan suggested they go down to the corner snack bar and get a sandwich while she filled him in on the conversation with Captain Vann and on the undercurrents of that conversation, including the bit about Elizabeth Hardin being pregnant.

He certainly could not call over to the police headquarters and talk to this Vann guy until she had completed her mission over there.

But as she was leaving the building with the report, she ran into Vann as he was headed back into the Municipal Center.

Dan asked Grace to call Captain Vann at the Municipal Center and arrange for Vann to come to the Pentagon at 1100.

In the privacy of the back room, they had kicked around how much or how little to tell Vann about the bureaucratic warfare dimensions of their working together.

As agreed, Dan went to meet Vann, who was waiting on the sidewalk in front of the south parking entrance, looking somewhat conspicuous among the stream of uniforms entering and leaving the building.

Dan cleared Vann and his oversized side arm through the guard station, after much admiring comment about the weapon from the two Federal Protective Service cops, and then took him up to 614.

When Dan returned to the office after escorting Vann out of the building, Grace was on the phone, having an animated discussion with someone, and there was a message on his desk directing him to go see the 06 EA, Captain Manning.

Captain Vann, but for some reason he did not want to bring Vann into this conversation.

But Vann, being a cop, would tell her to do what she already knew: Stay out of it.

When she recognized the voice of Moses Vann, she quickly went into the bedroom and picked up the portable bedside phone.

But maybe we ought to just butt out, like the EAs, this NIS, and even Vann says.

Wait for Vann to call--he said he was taking that hot-line call up his tape.

He proceeded to debrief Summerfield on what he and Grace had been up to, what Vann was asking, and what help he, Dan, needed from Summerfield.